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Mission Statement

Glamorgan Community Association anticipates and responds to the needs of the community through activities, programs, events and services. The Association fosters a sense of community pride and spirit through meaningful participation.


Vision Statement

Glamorgan Community Association:
Profitable, sustainable and striving to create an atmosphere of community connectedness and volunteerism.


Values Statement

Glamorgan Community Association strives to provide a single cohesive community that is safe, healthy and enjoyable while offering services that reflect the needs of all members of the community:

  • Recreation and sports opportunities for all members that promote an active lifestyle.
  • Preservation and maintenance of the natural environment.
  • Balanced public service representation on behalf of Glamorgan, as a community of citizens of Calgary.
  • Responsible residential and commercial development.
  • High quality, cost effective public services.
  • Responsibility to the membership for any actions. Open, democratic and fiscally responsible, the Association is guided by standards of honesty, objectivity and integrity.
  • The Association strongly encourages its members to participate and have a voice in the life of their community, while working in partnership with other groups to shape and guide this future.
  • Members and visitors are treated with respect, dignity, courtesy and in a professional manner.